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From reviews of the CD Continuance

Jonathan Katz belongs to a growing class of talented young pianists who have clearly absorbed lessons of the previous generations of masters, most noticeably Bill Evans. Although it could be easy to dismiss him as yet another incredible prodigy to come down the pike, the fact remains that he plays fresh, inventive and swinging jazz...The Continuance CD mixes standards with interesting originals, wonderfully recorded and well mixed. There is nothing not to like about this CD. If you enjoy trios, this is as good as any. --Jazz Improv Magazine, V3N4 (Read entire article)

(Katz) uses originals and famous standards in a highly individual and motivated approach.--Jazz Life

(Katz's) ability is backed by a Bill Evans-influenced sensitive style and swinging playing. His performances of his original compositions, and his prowess in arranging well-known standards, are outstanding.--Swing Journal

This is a high-level piano trio album that conveys Katz's appeal to the fullest, including gorgeous melodic lines, beautiful touch, and a remarkable grasp of form. On The Peacocks, made famous by Bill Evans, he is particularly expressive, playing lines that evoke the late master. A must listen for Evans fans and piano trio fans in general!--Disk Union ad

Performance with Ray Brown Quartet

The pianist with the Ray Brown Quartet from 7-11 March 2000 at Blue Note Tokyo, was Jonathan Katz, a young pianist based in Tokyo and New York. Jonathan, who is picking up fans with his delicate touch and pretty soloing, did quite a nice job sonorously backing up Ray's polished bass work...Someday, when Jonathan has further established himself in the music world, perhaps he will look back to this gig as a turning point?--Swing Journal

From reviews of the CD Live in Tokyo 2000

Katz plays his smoothly swinging phrases with a great care that is perfectly suited to the styles of his three originals and standards such as Blue Bossa and When You Wish Upon a Star. His solo piano renditions of Hamachidori and Furusato reflect his fondness of Japan.
--CD Journal

This recording clearly documents a grooving trio set off by Katz' rollicking but delicate touch. The combination of his idea-laden piano playing with the energetic rhythm section is simply marvelous.--Jazz Life

From reviews of the CD Haven't You Heard?

Jazz covers of pop songs often turn out to be easy-listening collections of the songs without the vocals, but this is actually a brilliant jazz album.--Swing Journal

The songs of the Japanese pop group Chage & Aska have been interestingly arranged and performed by an excellent jazz trio.--Jazz Life

(Katz) lets us hear crisp finger work and sensible and intellectual reharmonization, along with swinging phrasing.--Jazz World

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